We know that entrusting us with your personal information requires a certain degree of trust from you. When you visit our website or use our services, we take this very seriously and are completely dedicated to protecting your privacy in any way we can. Please take the time to read this statement very carefully so that you can become familiar with our privacy policies.

We provide online services that provide consumers with travel and preparation suggestions, such as hotels, vacation rentals, and other types of accommodation, attractions and experiences , restaurants, airlines, cruises, tour guides, and lots of other information. We will call them all travel bridge services.

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As a multinational networking platform, we do business in many territories, each with its own set of laws and traditions. This statement provides a general overview of our privacy policies. If you select your destination using the jurisdiction links found at the end of this statement, you will be able to read some information relevant to your country.

Data gathered through collection efforts

We collect information about you whenever you access or use our services to provide an experience more tailored to your specific needs. There is some information that is automatically collected. Other information we obtain from various sources, including affiliated businesses, business partners, and other independent third-party sources. When you use our services by “click-through” from a third party website or when you visit third party websites through our service, the third party websites that your visitors may share information about your use of their services with us. This may happen when you visit a third-party website directly or when you access a website through our service. The following are examples of the types of information that may be collected:

Application of information

We are dedicated to providing you with relevant content on our services, and we respect the data privacy laws of various jurisdictions. We collect information about you to improve the quality of our services and make it easier for you to use them.

Information exchange

It is possible that we provide certain services to third parties. We need to share information with other third parties, including those from our corporate group. Because, of course, this is safe.

Options related to information

You have choices available to you regarding the use of your personal information. You can gain access to your account, make changes to it, and even permanently cancel your information by visiting the member profile page on our website.

Information transfer

We are a multinational corporation doing business in many countries and regions. If we decide to transfer any of your information to other countries, you can rest assured that we will email you and continue to protect that information in accordance with privacy laws.

Protect personal information.

For the purpose of helping to protect your information, we have put in place appropriate administrative, technological, and physical security mechanisms.

Avantages clients

Droit d’accès – Vous avez le droit d’accéder aux données personnelles que notre équipe traite. Vous avez également le droit de recevoir certaines informations sur ce que nous faisons de vos données personnelles.

Droit de modification – Dans certains cas, vous avez le droit de corriger des données personnelles inexactes vous concernant et de compléter des données personnelles incomplètes. Veuillez noter que nous ne pourrons peut-être pas corriger les données que vous fournissez, par exemple les règles des compagnies aériennes, certains changements spécifiques peuvent entraîner des coûts.

Droit à l’effacement – ​​Dans certains cas, vous avez le droit de supprimer vos propres données personnelles.

Droit de restreindre le traitement – ​​Dans certaines circonstances, vous avez le droit de restreindre notre utilisation de vos données personnelles en envoyant un e-mail.

Droit d’opposition – Vous avez le droit de vous opposer à certains types de traitement de données personnelles par nos soins.