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“Nomad, tucked away in the center of town is the hub of the daytime vibes & nightlife during the week as well as the weekend. The Bistro opens up onto the bricked pedestrian pathway in front of the restaurant for it to open up as the evening settles in for patrons to spill out onto the walkway. The venue is known for its Rib & Wings specials, Amazing Live music evenings, and of course, the Comedy on other days!

And oh boy, grab a Cocktail on arrival & is the entertainment worth it! Comedy is hosted on Monday, Tuesday nights & early Saturday evenings, Live Music on Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday Nights. Fridays adds a twist with DJs and Live Hip-Hop artists, bringing underground to mainstream.”

NOMAD bistro & bar is a restaurant located at Panorama, Durbanville, Claremont, Woodstock, Milnerton &, South Africa The quality of the service here is excellent. NOMAD bistro & bar has received 1,542 positive customer evaluations. NOMAD bistro & bar is open from 11:30 until 02:00 It serves a variety of traditional foods as well as some restaurant specialties. Please check the restaurant’s discount code on the on a regular basis.If you are looking for a place to eat with a good experience of food and good service with family and friends, then NOMAD bistro & bar is the best choice for you.

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NOMAD bistro & bar menu price

NOMAD bistro & bar
NOMAD bistro & bar Menu
NOMAD bistro & bar
NOMAD bistro & bar Menu
NOMAD bistro & bar
NOMAD bistro & bar Menu

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NOMAD bistro & bar

1,542 Google reviews

NOMAD bistro & bar reviews

Helene Houston
Food was nice, drinks menu is extremely expansive, but the service was quite a bit off. We were forgotten for about an hour and a half while our waitress was busy chatting at the bar up front. There was no table ready for us despite our reservation, but we were told how we couldn’t sit at some of the other tables because of their reservations. The table next to us arrived well after us and got their standard starters first while ours were brought with our mains (we were all having the same bottomless ribs special). One for one the table next to us got more consistent refills on their ribs portion-wise while we were told the portions get smaller with each refill. So, not great service, but overall good food and excellent tequila.

Sam Lightpen46
Excellent service is an understatement for what we experienced here. I and my family visited last weekend and we were treated like royalties. The waiters and other staffs did great jobs. Honestly, I only have good words to speak about this place. I will upload the pictures of the foods we were served. Thanks for the amzing experience.

Callan Klein
Nomad Bistro is a very nice restaurant to visit if you want to catch up with old friends or a casual lunch. The food is great and always served hot, but I struggled to find a vegetarian dish on the menu, well beside the bland add on salads. The service was not of sandard. We waited atleast 15 minutes for 2 forks and 2 knives ( Wich are supposed to be placed with your drinks on arrival ).The final point is tipping. Tipping is just courtesy and not compulsory. The owners and managers should be ashamed to already include the tip into the final balance, this being after the bad service we received. I guess the outstanding shots they prepared made up for some of the imperfections they have. No hate applied Nomad Bistro management and staff, just my personal experience. It is a really nice place if you are willing to spend your entire day there hey.

Erin Mcintosh
Gross. Ordered vegetarian burger on Uber East and this is what I got? One tomato, one sliver of lettuce, one onion piece and a big pile of mush 😂 also ordered no cheese and got cheese. Do not order from this place. Beware!

Heinrich Slabbert
I wont go to Nomad Bistro again. If the public places in the restaurant is so dirty and unorganised then just imagine how the kichen must look where they prepare you food. Pics taken was just outside the kichen door. You have to pass the kichen to get to the mens restroom… look how nice and clean… i would like a health inspector to do his inspection and see if the place will still be open after.

Miché Easton
Satisfactory but not especially good. Its a bit dark inside and I’d say its probably better to visit in the evening, for that type of ambiance. The food was fine (portions are a bit small). Service was great though.

Jarrod Stockenstrom
Few of us went there for a comedy stand up night. Great service. Food was great and the vibe was awesome.


Q Where is NOMAD bistro & bar

NOMAD bistro & bar is located at Panorama, Durbanville, Claremont, Woodstock, Milnerton &, South Africa

Q What is the phone number of NOMAD bistro & bar

You can try to dialing this number +27 62 649 4439 or find more information on their website

Q Where are the coordinates of the NOMAD bistro & bar

Latitude: -33.979386 - Longitude: 18.463669

Q Must one still call for reservations ifvthey have sent an email?

Its best 2 confirm by ph- jus incase they crazy busy & ur email wasnt received!!!