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“At McDonald’s Springs Mall in Casseldale, Springs we are confident about the quality of food we serve, from your favorite famous fries, burgers & chicken nuggets to our delicious milkshakes and soft serve, we strive to deliver your meal fast, fresh and in a clean and welcoming environment. Come as a family to enjoy a happy meal, grab a coffee at McCafe or get lunch at the drive thru. We can’t wait to hear you say “I’m lovin’ it””

McDonald’s Springs Mall is a restaurant located at Springs Mall, 19 Jan Smuts Rd, Casseldale, Springs, 1559, South Africa The quality of the service here is excellent. McDonald’s Springs Mall has received 837 positive customer evaluations. McDonald’s Springs Mall is open from 08:00 until 22:00 It serves a variety of traditional foods as well as some restaurant specialties. Please check the restaurant’s discount code on the on a regular basis.If you are looking for a place to eat with a good experience of food and good service with family and friends, then McDonald’s Springs Mall is the best choice for you.

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McDonald’s Springs Mall

837 Google reviews

McDonald’s Springs Mall reviews

I expressed my dissatisfaction about the “droplet” of sauce that’s being used on the burger, however the staff wasn’t very helpful.Even if the pictures on the menu are for illustrative purpose only, at least try and listen to the customers’ requests, or better yet make sure the actual food is close enough to what’s being advertised.Dry burger… never good!

Gugulethu Masabalala
The service was very bad and slow. I ordered breakfast at 08:15 only got the breakfast at 08:40 when I went to ask why is it taking so long. They had put the hot chocolate on the counter, it wasn’t hot anymore just Luke warm. No Appology at all for taking time to prepare breakfast. The restaurant wasn’t full at all.The the previous week, I ordered an ice coffee, waited 30 minutes just for an ice coffee, meanwhile they just put the ice coffee on the counter, the ice was already melting. When I asked for a new one, they weren’t willing to do so.

Zandile Langa
I went to Mc D in Springs to buy food for my 2 kids, my son was extremely hungry and crying. I ordered food for them at 15:49:48. I booked a table for them and the cashier said they’ll drop off the food as they have the table number. Mind you the store was empty at that time, so I wouldn’t say they were processing a lot of orders. I went to a nearby restaurant and ordered food and ate there. 30 minutes later my daughter sends me a message that I must come and assist as they haven’t received their food. The order number was 3432 but they were already calling out 3500 orders. When I got there and asked why my kids haven’t got their food, no one knew anything.And one of your staff my husband overheard her saying to one of the workers that she must come assist me as I am being dramatic. I was so irritated and disgusted by the staff behaviour and calling me out dramatic, while my kids sat there the whole 30 minutes. Even the so called manager didn’t have answers as to why they skipped my kids order.Unfortunately I couldn’t rate the service on the app as I am struggling with the reg#.The service I received on 27/11/2021 15:49 was bad.

Boikano Rantho
Well I’d gladly say it was a terrible experience. Firstly the staff was rude(im not exaggerating) maybe she was in a bad mood then secondly my order took so long, i had to stand up and ask what’s going on then starts when they were starting with my order.

annah anne
I paid on one of the machines on Saturday last week ,which pulled money from my account but said declined on the slip,but the money went out ,I had to reorder and pay again,then I was told I was going to be refunded when I email but I haven’t been refunded to date and my emails are not being replied to.

Jeanette Bacon
I don’t know what is going on with the mcdonalds at springs mall but the other one in springs gives much better service than this one. You order a frappe, you get a hot mocha coffee, you order two meals, you just get two burgers. You ask for something, they give you something else. And its happening often!!! Not impressed and would rather driver further or order from the other mcdonalds in springs then this one. Bad service every single time

Omphile Makhele
The food and service is amazing.The franchise is very small though so there’s limited table seating available


Q Where is McDonald's Springs Mall

McDonald's Springs Mall is located at Springs Mall, 19 Jan Smuts Rd, Casseldale, Springs, 1559, South Africa

Q What is the phone number of McDonald's Springs Mall

You can try to dialing this number or find more information on their website

Q Where are the coordinates of the McDonald's Springs Mall

Latitude: -26.2751105 - Longitude: 28.4541624

Q how much is your big mac meal

A big Mac medium meal is currently R39.90 with a coke zero or sprite