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“At McDonald’s Kimberley CBD in Kimberley we are confident about the quality of food we serve, from your favorite famous fries, burgers & chicken nuggets to our delicious milkshakes and soft serve, we strive to deliver your meal fast, fresh and in a clean and welcoming environment. Come as a family to enjoy a happy meal, grab a coffee at McCafe or get lunch at the drive thru. We can’t wait to hear you say “I’m lovin’ it””

McDonald’s Kimberley CBD Drive-Thru is a restaurant located at N14 &, Chapel St, Kimberley, 8301, South Africa The quality of the service here is excellent. McDonald’s Kimberley CBD Drive-Thru has received 1,173 positive customer evaluations. McDonald’s Kimberley CBD Drive-Thru is open from 07:00 until 22:30 It serves a variety of traditional foods as well as some restaurant specialties. Please check the restaurant’s discount code on the on a regular basis.If you are looking for a place to eat with a good experience of food and good service with family and friends, then McDonald’s Kimberley CBD Drive-Thru is the best choice for you.

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Service options: Dine-in · · Drive-through · · No-contact delivery
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Romano’s Macaroni Grill discount code: We have not received any information please see the menu

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McDonald’s Kimberley CBD Drive-Thru

1,173 Google reviews

McDonald’s Kimberley CBD Drive-Thru reviews

Molale Molale
I ordered via drive-Thru at 19:41I was told to park my car and they’ll bring my order.Received my order 15min late at 19:57What’s the use of drive-thru? 🤷‍♂️

Lovious Wesi
The service was very poor, two of the cashier humiliated me, one of the laughed at me when i couldn’t pronounced frapeè, and when i got the window to pay for my 2 happy meals, a frapeè and a macflury she only charged me for happy meals and no macflury, no frapeè, and i only realised the mistake when i collected my meals at the next window that my order was incomplete. The cashier was very rude with me and ordered me to park in the front of the store but i refused because i knew that i place my order correctly and that the first cashier even laughed at me when i couldn’t pronounce frapeè. With my bad pronounsiation the next cashier told me she doesn’t know what frapeè is, i asked her to go look at the menu board on the drive-thru maybe she will have an idea of what i was talking about, she refused and she kept me waiting for a long time without talking to me but starring at me and the q behind me was getting longer of customers waiting to be served, when i asked her when is she going to help me she told me how can she help me if doesn’t know what i want. After a while told me they don’t have a frapeè, i didn’t believe her, but for the sake of other customers who waited too long i decide to let her do the second swipe on my card for only the macflury costing me even more to do the second swipe because of the cashiers who took me for a joke. I was so embarrassed and my daughter was crying because she didn’t get her frappeè while the brother was enjoying his macflury. I had been treated so bad in my life and i even felt like i should have gone maybe to MD at northcape mall for a better service.

Ik Azubike
Enjoyed my meal there and loved the staff there and was laughing so much I forgot to take pics,will surely do in my next visit.

Casey ontong
Just order some food. One of the items i paid for was a double quarter pounder but i only received a normal quarter pounder. The place is too far for me too return it. All this after employees repeated my order more than 4 times. Really disappointed. Wasted money, time and effort. Definitely won’t be buying food there anymore. I get everyone makes mistakes but mistakes shouldn’t be made if all you did was hound me to confirm by order and i did. PATHETIC! everything is so expensive already, people don’t have money to waste on incorrect orders.

Wayne Rhoda
1st Branch that got our special order 100% correct without having to repeat myself once, let alone numerous times. Well done to team and especially the gentlemen taking the order at the Drive thru on Monday afternoon.

Cherise Le Gras
Best place to stop and refuel especially with kids. Kids love their ice cream. It’s becoming an every day request.Kid-friendliness: Definitely Kid Friendly Parking: There is more than enough parking. Parking is no issue.

Louette Du Plessis
What a horrible experience. Promised my kids a treat, but it was anything but!Sausage Mc Muffins sausages was tasteless and the hashbrown was tripple fried in what tasted like last month’s oil.


Q Where is McDonald's Kimberley CBD Drive-Thru

McDonald's Kimberley CBD Drive-Thru is located at N14 &, Chapel St, Kimberley, 8301, South Africa

Q What is the phone number of McDonald's Kimberley CBD Drive-Thru

You can try to dialing this number +27 53 492 0080 or find more information on their website

Q Where are the coordinates of the McDonald's Kimberley CBD Drive-Thru

Latitude: -28.7432805 - Longitude: 24.7655335

Q Can someone please help me with the phone number of the onner of McDonald in kimberley I did get a chicken bigmag burger the price on the menu is R 27 but I pay R30 for it Thanks

Phone head office of that franchise help will be rendered immimmidiately.pamphlet have numbers written for any complaints.