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“Carla’s is an intimate, relaxed restaurant with an authentic Mozambique vibe. We specialize in prawns and everyone is always welcome.”

Carla’s Mozambique Restaurant is a restaurant located at 9 York Rd, Muizenberg, Cape Town, 7950, South Africa The quality of the service here is excellent. Carla’s Mozambique Restaurant has received 110 positive customer evaluations. Carla’s Mozambique Restaurant is open from 17:00 until 21:30 It serves a variety of traditional foods as well as some restaurant specialties. Please check the restaurant’s discount code on the on a regular basis.If you are looking for a place to eat with a good experience of food and good service with family and friends, then Carla’s Mozambique Restaurant is the best choice for you.

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Carla's Mozambique Restaurant
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Carla’s Mozambique Restaurant

110 Google reviews

Carla’s Mozambique Restaurant reviews

Geraldene Corder
Delicious Prawns. Tasty and Firm with a great sauce/marinade and a generous size. Carla is wonderful – friendly chatty and super accommodating with my aged mum. Very considerate and thoughtful and a great memory. Wonderful real atmosphere in a small and intimate setting – we had a fantastic evening. Thank you Carla. 😊

James Ford
You never really know how it feels to be ripped off until you have paid R900 for a family dinner of prawns and as you are waiting you see them shovelled into a microwave, unseasoned and then have a bottle sauce poured on them. Having them arrive at your table with the heads of the prawn cold still and the meat hot and flavourless is less than what you would expect paying that much money.With an atmosphere less than charming, I left feeling ripped off, stomach empty, cold and unmoved.Do not recommend.I can get cheaper and 100x better prawns from other places with a better experience.

Riana Deysel
Best Prawns 🍤 🍤 jumeeeeit’s so great we now go as a tradition Love the food 🍤 small intimate and delicious 🤤

Gida Miller
My husband and I have been frequenting Carla’s for many years now and always enjoyed their fresh prawns and quirky, cozy atmosphere and hostess. We recommended it to everyone over the years and had nothing but praise for their amazing prawns. Since about 2020 we have noticed a considerable decline in the size and flavour of the prawns which are priced too high now, compared to what you actually get. The hostess has also messed up our order a few times or just completely neglected to bring requested items to the table. The final straw was when we booked a table for dinner a week in advance, drove through all the way to Muizenberg only to find a closed restaurant. It’s sad that things have gone downhill so considerably as it used to be such a stunning place.

Cisco Little
If you’re looking for prawns made the authentic Mozambican way, you don’t need a passport or plane ticket. Just head to Muizenberg and let Carla’s put an end to the longing for piripiri goodness. Amazing host, multi-tasking chef, cozy vibe and of course the mouth-watering prawns. Winter’s coming and I’m definitely heading back for more. This Muizenberg institution is the best kept secret in town.

Chantal F
My son excitedly recommended this restaurant we go to for prawns, saying that he had walked past a week or so before and it looked viby and the food looked great. A prawn restaurant he said …So we went along….Well I have not had a more underwhelming dining experience in many years – and I eat out almost daily.When I think prawns, I think flavor, tasty, fresh butter or garlic butter to hand, the smell of the grill, juice running down my hands etc – all that makes prawns such an wonderful tactile mealAlthough the place was small and cozy and charming, it had the atmosphere of a waiting room – no music playing – well not until we just left and it was soft.The hostess Carla, was less than charming although pleasant. She did not explain her menu (not that it needed much) but as a first timer I would have loved to be talked through my minimal options. Also other patrons received a roll (not on menu) but we were not informed or offered this as an accompaniment. She barely spoke and just moved around serving the plated food.As for the food, while My boys and I waited for our prawns, we had view of the kitchen- I said at one point as we quietly waited for our food – why don’t I hear anything frying – like the grill (the kitchen was in the restaurant- so not hidden away). There was no flash from the grill or lovely smells of garlic and the sea coming from the corner … only the sounds of the microwave pinging every time a plate had finished.We quickly realized that the prawns were taken from the fridge ( barely defrosted) and then put in the microwave with a over on, then removed and a sauce from a big value pack clear plastic bottle poured over it and then served up. Next to this steams rice for the microwave (warmed up of course ) and deep fried chips which also lacked a charm that even the most basic fast food restaurants can achieve.No extra sauce served with prawns. The prawns were unseasoned except for the sauce poured over it and so when eaten were quite bland. The heads of my prawns (the shells) were still cold …. But the center was popping hot (result from microwave heating).Even though the prawns were a fair size, I felt having paid R900 for 24 prawns amongst 3 of us and 4 soft drinks (no alcohol) was not worth my money at all.I could have spent that much in a fancier restaurant for two prawns meals and been a lot happier to pay the money!Look clearly on this review there are people who enjoyed her microwave prawns and said so … and good on them for keeping Carla’s cash only microwave prawn business going but I won’t be back – I can enjoy amazing prawns for a lesser price elsewhere.Disappointing to say the least.

Janet Lytwynchuk
Delicious huge and perfectly cooked prawns and moist and spicy peri-peri chicken with Carla’s delicious secret sauce. Byo wine policy is a bonus. We loved it! Sorry too busy eating to take pictures! Highly recommended.


Q Where is Carla's Mozambique Restaurant

Carla's Mozambique Restaurant is located at 9 York Rd, Muizenberg, Cape Town, 7950, South Africa

Q What is the phone number of Carla's Mozambique Restaurant

You can try to dialing this number +27 21 788 6860 or find more information on their website

Q Where are the coordinates of the Carla's Mozambique Restaurant

Latitude: -34.1078499 - Longitude: 18.4682211

Q Any prawn calamari combos. This place looks delicious How about fish cakes for my wife? Wheelchair accrss?

No calamari. No fish cakes. Just prawns and (sometimes) chicken.