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From Beluchi’s Woodfired Artisan Pizzas

“We have been making and baking handcrafted artisan pizzas the past 13 years Only the best ingredients are used.

One is often surprised at the simplicity of really excellent products. Such is the Beluchi’s pizza. It is really very simple. You need a good base, very hot oven and the best ingredients you can find!

Secret of our base: Nothing can be simpler. It is made of water, flour and yeast. The secret is in our yeast It is not off the shelf yeast, but expertly artisan designed yeast.

The high temperature of the wood fire oven allows us to bake a pizza at a much faster rate, allowing the true flavor of the ingredients to come through”

Beluchi’s Woodfired Artisan Pizzas is a restaurant located at Shop nr 3, Q-Square, 72 High St, Worcester Central, Worcester, 6849, South Africa The quality of the service here is excellent. Beluchi’s Woodfired Artisan Pizzas has received 146 positive customer evaluations. Beluchi’s Woodfired Artisan Pizzas is open from 10:00 until 22:00 It serves a variety of traditional foods as well as some restaurant specialties. Please check the restaurant’s discount code on the on a regular basis.If you are looking for a place to eat with a good experience of food and good service with family and friends, then Beluchi’s Woodfired Artisan Pizzas is the best choice for you.

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Beluchi’s Woodfired Artisan Pizzas menu price

Beluchi's Woodfired Artisan Pizzas
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Beluchi’s Woodfired Artisan Pizzas

146 Google reviews

Beluchi’s Woodfired Artisan Pizzas reviews

Marti Loots
Amazing pizzas. Love the dough. Will be a frequent flyer 🙂

Gerrit ZA
Ordered the – working class hero, just love the wood fired taste. Debonairs and Romans Pizza cant come close. Thanks for giving us the woodfired option, may Beluchi’s be with us for a long time

Jessica W
My first time I ordered from Beluchi’s. The delivery guy were late with the pizzas, so basically it was cold when I received it. The extra onion rings were not crispy. I had to phone again to ask about my order (that I placed longer then a hour ago). HOWEVER, the owner responded immediately after my first review. She offered me to re-order… The pizzas and onion rings were delicious the second time, thank you Elda for how you handled the situation.

Fiona & Johan Zeelie
Update!! – The Owner responded, apologised and refunded us in full for the meal. Most satisfied with the way in which this situation was handled. Thank you.Ordered two pizzas and a bolognaise pasta. The Kansas was over powered by the peppers and if you took that away it didnt have much flavour. The Golden Gate also had very little flavour other than mushroom. Barely any spicy ground beef on the pizza. Then the bolognaise was extremely disappointing. Virtually no bolognaise except a drizzle on top of the spaghetti under the cheese layer. Will not order from here again.

Soll Mukhram
Great pizza, friendly staff, nice atmosphere. Highly recommended

Wynand Tweer
Best Mexican pizza ever. Just hot, the way I like it. Really nice and filling. Steak pizza, the steak was awesome, but could have been slightly more for the price

Roxanne Jonas
By far the best pizza in Worcester BUT multiple times when I have ordered the delivery has taken over an hour to get here and since the last time I have not ordered again.


Q Where is Beluchi's Woodfired Artisan Pizzas

Beluchi's Woodfired Artisan Pizzas is located at Shop nr 3, Q-Square, 72 High St, Worcester Central, Worcester, 6849, South Africa

Q What is the phone number of Beluchi's Woodfired Artisan Pizzas

You can try to dialing this number +27 23 347 5447 or find more information on their website

Q Where are the coordinates of the Beluchi's Woodfired Artisan Pizzas

Latitude: -33.6430789 - Longitude: 19.4466167

Q do u guys deliver?and how much for delivery?

Yes they deliver and free for a 3 or 5 km radius of Worcester