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“Award winning country restaurant tucked inside the Cradle Moon Conservancy.”

Bellgables Country Restaurant is a restaurant located at REM EXT PTN 10 PTN B Zwartkop JQ Johannesburg, 1739, South Africa The quality of the service here is excellent. Bellgables Country Restaurant has received 312 positive customer evaluations. Bellgables Country Restaurant is open from 10:00 until 15:00 It serves a variety of traditional foods as well as some restaurant specialties. Please check the restaurant’s discount code on the on a regular basis.If you are looking for a place to eat with a good experience of food and good service with family and friends, then Bellgables Country Restaurant is the best choice for you.

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Bellgables Country Restaurant
Bellgables Country Restaurant Menu
Bellgables Country Restaurant
Bellgables Country Restaurant Menu
Bellgables Country Restaurant
Bellgables Country Restaurant Menu

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Bellgables Country Restaurant

312 Google reviews

Bellgables Country Restaurant reviews

Petronella Grobbelaar
Where to start……..getting out of your car, a warm friendly face, beautiful surroundings and an atmosphere that pulls you in. I am sure one can loose yourself just in the environment but then you walk in….and you somehow feel like the most important person in the room. The tables around you might have guest but you are unaware because it is so well organized and spacious. The art just soak it up. Then the food……..unbelievable…..priceless…..delicious…….more than ample portions…..flavourful….a dream. My overall impression you can’t put a price tag on this experience

Shiri Castellan
A celebration of food, nature and soul reviving splendor… at Bellgables Country Restaurant.Wishing to do something different for Father’s Day. I found myself in a bind.My family and I often enjoy different things in a restaurant. My daughter being 14, enjoys running around and having fun. I enjoy quite luxury and attention to detail. My husband prefers the great outdoors and a hearty, well prepared, belly filling meal.With all this criteria in mind I gave my choices some thought. The great outdoors, tame animals, safe adventures and a gourmet meal are not features easily found together. Except they are.The choice was no choice at all really, as in my heart the decision had already been made.We ventured Bellgables way to make sure it really was ALL that; and it was.Quite luxury  – definitely – the crystal Chandeliers, brocade table runners, exquisite setting and heavy silver cutlery  – ensured that.The fact that our waiter, Trust, knew our preferences after just 2 visits, was a welcome touch. On arrival our favorite red wine, chilled bottled water, cold beer and an ice cold coke lay on a server alongside our table in wait.Needless to say the drinks, after a 40 minute drive were well received.My daughter then, ever the adventurer took my husband’s hand and together went for a relaxing, animal finding walk.I luxuriated in the silence, taking the opportunity to read a book while enjoying my wine.30 minutes later they returned, starving and satisfied.Starters of Beef Carpaccio & Halloumi and bacon rolls were ordered only to be summarily scoffed down.For mains, my husband selected the roasted lambshank prepared with herbs and served in a rich red wine sauce. Leaving the lamb itself succulent, bone melting soft and delicious. While I opted for a medium rare Springbok steak drizzled with a creamy pepper sauce, accentuated by the sweet tastes of soft apricots and strawberries.My daughter chose the outdoors and the welcoming animals, as her lunchmates of choice.Dessert comprised of a sugar coated  warm, creamy Creme Brulee. Accompanied by Cuppachions (and heavenly Belgium chocolates).As I watched my husband enjoy a leisurely hike, my daughter engrossed in nature while I luxuriated in a rich red and good book –  decision made.Here the clock has little meaning,  there is no rush, no matter how long one takes in between courses.The only criteria is to enjoy one’s food and surroundings  – not a hard task, I assure you.Looking around I was pleased to see the restaurant full with many tables doing the exact same thing. Escaping the hustle of city life, toasting birthdays and unwinding in the country.So yes, in conclusion, Bellgables is ALL that and more.As far as celebrations go why not commemorate them over a long leisurely gourmet meal. Where time stands still and romance and child adventure go hand in hand.

What a gem of a restaurant. For a drive into the country or a special occasion this is the venue to go to. We had a wonderful lunch. Attentive highly professional staff, amazing food. Definitely going back again.

Chantal Wood
Absolutely stunning setting, and fascinating inside. First time experiencing sitting inside an art gallery that is a restaurant. Food was excellent, service friendly and professional. Absolutely recommended!

Two thoughts comes to mind: a) excellence (in the amazing, opulent decor, staff and the food itself), and b) generosity. We were there for a date night. It was classy, quiet, and romantic. Service was excellent from our waiter Trust. The food was delicious, and portions were generous in every course. Absolutely loved that! Will definitely be back.

Megan Wilson
Atmosphere was lovely and with few menu options we knew what would be served would be delicious.

Jacquie Fioramonti
We were warmly welcomed in the car park by a gentleman who escorted us into the restaurant. At first the decor is a bit overwhelming but it grows on you. We sat by the fire which was such a treat on a cold, gloomy day. The menu is pricey but the food was excellent. The little touches like the butter display and the fresh rolls served on arrival, add to the quaint experience. I would highly recommend it.


Q Where is Bellgables Country Restaurant

Bellgables Country Restaurant is located at REM EXT PTN 10 PTN B Zwartkop JQ Johannesburg, 1739, South Africa

Q What is the phone number of Bellgables Country Restaurant

You can try to dialing this number +27 82 551 8855 or find more information on their website

Q Where are the coordinates of the Bellgables Country Restaurant

Latitude: -25.9650764 - Longitude: 27.856184

Q Is the restaurant open?