Deborah Cater, a veteran travel writer, has commented that to really capture a culture, one has to “taste” the culture, tasting here means you have to Eat but what’s best comes from here. South Africa is home to many diverse cultural traditions, and as in any society, food plays an important part in these traditions. 

That’s the main reason why the South African travel experience and quality food review website was launched in 2022 by food critic Shaun Smith.. It offers a wide selection of restaurants and eateries across the is the perfect place to start your exploration of South African food and travel. From famous local cuisines to traditional favorites, we have everything you need to discover the country’s incredible diversity. Our mission is to provide detailed reviews of all restaurants in South Africa. Our reviews are written by industry-leading culinary experts and provide readers with an easy way to find the best restaurants and dining experiences in the country.

Typical and famous dishes in South Africa

There are thousands of delicious cuisines spread across the South African continent. Each place has its own unique flavor. The following dishes are examples of some unique dishes with typical flavors from all over the country.

Perfect food in Johannesburg


The perfect combination of coriander, bacon, cloves and nutmeg makes a perfect dish. Today, this delicacy is known as biltong and is an integral part of South African cultural cuisine.


This dish is a salad from South Africa created from a mixture of sautéed canned beans, grated carrots, peppers, tomatoes, garlic and 10 typical Johannesburg spices.


Melktert is a widely loved egg tart in South Africa. It consists of a smooth mixture of eggs, milk and sugar, with the option of adding flour to form a layer. Melktert’s thin crust is crispy and sweet, known for its nutty aroma.


Kota can be likened to the sandwich of South Africa. With only a quarter of a loaf, you can get any filling you want, including seafood or meat, with some fries, polony cheese.

There are many dishes that have been imported and adapted to retain their original flavors, such as grilled beef and lamb with local spices. All kinds of seafood and fish are shared on

The best food from Cape Town

Bunny chow

Bunny chow is exactly a classic South African dish based on the influence of Indian Indian cuisine. It’s a type of cake with a filling, basically half a loaf of toast filled with curry along with meats like chicken, lamb and beef….

Bobotie egg tarts

Bobotie , pronounced buh-boor-tea is a unique Cape Malay dish made of minced beef and topped with a finely beaten mosquito egg. It is also a dish that is well received by most tourists.

South African style sushi

Sushi may not have its historical roots in South Africa, but in Cape Town the chefs use both passion and skill to create it. Today, when you set foot in this coastal city, it is certain that the taste of sushi is no less than that of Japanese chefs.


The chefs simply use traditional grilled meat combined with some local dishes, the flavors of baraai are very strange and make everyone feel excited.

This place is also famous for its Cape Malay cuisine, as well as special dishes such as Hisanyama, Gatsby, and Bunny Chow. You can find these and other restaurants on

Great tasting food from east london

Garlic shrimp steak with cheese

It is created by combining pork belly or beef tenderloin topped with cheese and garlic shrimp tail. Combined with traditional spices to create a cheese steak that will not please anyone.

The Bacon, Cheese and Guacamole Burger 

topped with melted cheese, grilled bacon, and guacamole. This is an extremely famous dish that anyone visiting this place cannot ignore.

Fresh vegetable salad with shredded chicken 

Spur’s Garden Salad is topped with avocado and grilled chicken breast, or grilled bacon with sautéed mushrooms and crispy toast. Through the talented combination of famous chefs, this salad is definitely indispensable to your menu.

South African Grilled Chicken

Chicken, Peri-Peri, Lemon and Herbs, sweet and spicy combinations. The best main course in East London deserves to be the South African grilled chicken. 

There are many kinds of ribs, cakes, ice cream, sandwiches… We have shared it on

The best food in durban, South Africa

Afro’s Brekkie

it includes 2 fried eggs, 3 perfectly grilled bacon, medium grilled tomatoes, tjips plus toast. All combined to create an unforgettable taste.


These include fried eggs, perfect bacon, strips, tjips, livers served with sauce, and toasted rice paper (you can trade livers for a portion of eggs)

Mixed shredded chicken salad avo

Shredded chicken combined with avo with scrumptious fresh salad mixed with Afro sauce. All created a colorful picture. Along with the cool taste of vegetables, the sweetness of chicken is hard to resist

Full chicken

It can be said that this is the most delicious and unique main dish here. Perfectly marinated grilled chicken grilled to the right degree of doneness, still retains the sweetness of the meat along with the perfect blend with our favorite Afro sauce. friend

There are many kinds of burgers, hamburgers, grilled foods, seafood feasts, premium wines….. Updated on

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